The Protimefit Philosophy

 Hello,  my name is Carson Whitaker, and  I am the founder of Protimefit. 

Protimefit was started as an extension of my desire to help people transform their lives through nutrition, movement, and mental health. 

Helping people has been my lifelong passion for more than 30 years as a licensed nurse, caring for the sick, elderly, and disabled.

  My passion for fitness goes back to my childhood, growing up in Washington, D.C., where I participated in sports, learning the benefits of staying fit, healthy, and the importance of camaraderie.

In recent years, I have witnessed the ravages of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, disrupting the lives of people worldwide. 

I have witnessed family and friends suffering from preventable lifestyle diseases, with many of them dying prematurely.

Personally, I have experienced health crises that helped inspire a sense of appreciation for good health and the importance of preserving it.

One of my great concerns is the ignorance that is so prevalent in our modern world that has put many at risk for poor health.

In an era where people have put there trust in the food industry,  government, and other actors, presenting information and products that are more or less self-serving at the expense of public health, I believe we can and must do better. 

We now face the prospect of having shorter life expectancies than our parents.

These factors have galvanized me to action. My mission is to empower people to take ownership of their health and improve their lives.

My health approach uses transformational science-based programming for permanent behavior changes to improve one precious life at a time.

The answers to better health and a better life are much simpler than many would have you to believe.

Modernity has presented us with so many more choices, but that has also served to complicate things. 

What we are learning from science continues to support what we have known for some time, and that is that we tend to make things more complicated than is necessary. 

I desire to simplify science and empower people to live their best lives possible. Please join me.

Live well!


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